Is Your Board Using Technology Effectively?

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January 6, 2020
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March 3, 2020
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Is Your Board Using Technology Effectively?

“Employing simple technology tools can improve productivity, save time, and reduce paper handing.  It’s a common-sense way to handle association tasks.”

HOA boards typically depend on their management companies to steer them toward applications that are customized specifically for associations.  One example is the portfolio of Board tools developed by CINC Web Axis.  CMA employs integrated CINC features across its business functions, and offers board members tools to access data and reports on demand. Views of violation reports, aging reports are available through a board dashboard. CMA has simplified how board members learn to use this technology by providing video tutorials online. 

A specialized communications app enables board members to connect with the association manager and one another to track and share updates and decisions about community projects in real-time.  The specific need to streamline the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) process to review detailed documents from owners requesting to make modifications to their property is efficiently addressed with a custom application.

Owners submit forms and documents online, which can then be privately viewed and commented on by each committee member.  Once the majority has weighed in, the Committee Chair logs the committee’s decision which can be viewed by the committee and management company.  The app captures the information which is generated in a notification letter to the homeowner.  All of this can be accomplished without a physical meeting, and for each member’s schedule.

Management companies are often contacted by vendors offering specialized apps.  It can be time-consuming to vet all the tools in the marketplace.  You can count on CMA to know your needs and recommend applications that are proven to do simple tasks, at reasonable expense and meet legal requirements, such as:

  • Adobe Sign ™ —for electronic signatures to execute contracts with vendors.  It’s easy, efficient, saves time and reduces paper. 
  • Audio conferencing has long been favored as a cost-effective way to conduct business meetings.  More HOA boards are adopting telephonic board meetings (in accordance with requirements stipulated by state law). We expect that lower-cost technology innovations and wider use of video will drive HOAs to consider this channel for board meetings.  No need to pay for a dedicated conference bridge for a quarterly meeting when the management company enables associations to subscribe to a shared service.
  • Broadcast text messaging.  Text messaging is the preferred medium for some owners, especially pertaining to urgent messages or reminders about community amenities, events and emergencies.  Has your board subscribed to a service to give owners the options to receive text messages from the HOA?

CMA invests in and applies efficient and cost-effective technology and extends its benefits to better serve our clients.  We can help your community adopt simple technology features that make it a better place to live and volunteer. 

Ray Caprio

CMA Information Systems Supervisor

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