The Best Things You Can Do for Your Landscape this Fall

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November 9, 2020
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The Best Things You Can Do for Your Landscape this Fall

“Fall is the time when cool-season grasses recover from the stresses of summer heat, drought, and disease.”

Did you know that the gap between the harsh summer heat and the cool temperatures of fall is a critical time to prepare your landscape for both winter and the following spring? The combination of cool evenings and warm soil will allow the seeds to germinate fully and establish before the colder months. Make way for a healthy, beautiful lawn with this quick guide.

Scalping and Seed Application

There is a secret to achieving a lush, beautiful lawn. Scalping and seed application – as part of a proactive, comprehensive plan – will keep your lawn looking great. 

Lawn scalping is a process where your lawn is cut shorter than normal in order to allow optimal conditions for seeding. This should be done carefully to avoid potentially harming your grass. Once your lawn is properly scalped, it’s the perfect time to overseed or plant new grass to fill in bare or sparse areas.

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Turf Pre-Emergent and Fertilization

Fertilizing your turf will ensure that you have a healthy, hearty lawn that is less susceptible to weeds and disease. Fall is the time when cool-season grasses recover from the stresses of summer heat, drought, and disease. Aside from helping your grass resist winter disease and injury, fall fertilization, scalping, and seed planting will help yield better winter color, increased rooting and more vivid greens come spring.

Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing your trees might sound like an unusual concept at first, but it’s important to do every spring and fall. This helps ensure that your soil has the optimal balance of nutrients to grow the healthiest trees and shrubs that naturally resist harsh environmental conditions.

Lawn Aeration

Grass roots need water, air, and essential nutrients for it to grow deep, thick, and strong. Aeration is done to create openings in your soil so that it can allow essential air and water down the soil, helping it reach the grassroots. The practice of lawn aeration will alleviate soil compaction so that the nutrients, air and water can reach the grass roots. Follow these tips during cooler weather and see the results in a lush green yard next spring. 

Article courtesy of Southern Botanical Landscape.

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