Why Compliance is a Smart Strategy to Protect Property Values

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January 14, 2019
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January 17, 2019
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Why Compliance is a Smart Strategy to Protect Property Values

Having managed community associations for nearly four decades, CMA has witnessed the growing popularity and prevalence of property owners’ associations (POAs) in Texas.  Whether the housing market has been up or down, well-managed POAs have helped to maximize property values. 

The right to enforce the rules and standards upholds this key goal. Effectively employing this strategy pays big dividends for your association.  CMA is an innovator in dedicating trained inspection specialists to perform the compliance role. 

CMA staff takes photos of violations using an iPad app that interfaces with our data management system.  Technology allows violation and architectural control history to be viewed in real time during each property visit.  Property owners can view violation notices and photos on the website for their property.  When contacted, the inspection specialist will discuss the violation with the property owner to work our a mutual understanding or arragement within approved guidelines. 

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Tips to Ensure Consistency and Fairness While Keeping Owners Engaged

  1. Reach out to educate new owners. Use multiple media such as a newsletter, welcome meeting, website and welcome letters to create awareness of standards.
  2. Communicate proactively and seek input from residents about any changes to rules.
  3. Apply the standards fairly and consistently. Don’t play favorites in sending violation letters and deciding appeals.
  4. Enforce rules for all owners to avoid conflicts.
  5. Make reasonable rules which can be realistically enforced.  Keep it simple to curb unnecessary appeals.
  6. Host landscaping workshops. Solicit vendor participation in the newsletter and website.
  7. Remind owners of procedures after storm damage which may require roof and fence repair—consider generic approval waivers to streamline the process.
  8. Hold a community volunteer day—work on a project or help a neighbor.
  9. Promote community pride with Yard of the Month and other recognition.
  10. Promote pride in community appearance with seasonal plantings, holiday decorations and well-maintained common areas.

Contact CMA to learn more about our unique approach to helping Associations maintain their standards and keep the community looking great.  You’ll appreciate why it makes sense for your community, your peace of mind and the value of your property.

Rob Koop
Executive Vice President of Portfolio Operations
Pam Grundy
Executive Vice President, AMS®, CMCA®

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